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Jean-Michel Othoniel - The Big Wave

Jean-Michel Othoniel - The Big Wave

FACE À L'OBSCURITÉ (FACING DARKNESS). Jean-Michel Othoniel, "The Big Wave", 2018. Indian black glass bricks, steel. H: 535 x W: 1500 x D: 510 cm. © 2018 Othoniel / ADAGP, Paris. Photo: Claire Dorn.

Valérie Jouve, Sans titre (Les Arbres)

FORMES DE VIES. Valérie Jouve, Untitled (Trees), 2004/18. C-Print. Courtesy galerie Xippas. © Valérie Jouve / ADAGP, Paris 2018.

Ito Josue, Firminy-Vert

URBAN VIEWS. Ito Josué, "Firminy-vert : Quartier les Peupliers, les Bouleaux et les Marronniers, immeubles", 1969-1970. © ADAGP, Paris 2018.

Olivier Mosset, Bandes verticales


Exhibition view : Frank Stella, Sol Lewitt and Bertrand Lavier

CONSIDÉRER LE MONDE - Exhibition view.
Frank Stella, "Fladrine", 1994. Sol LeWitt, "Serial project n°1, A 4 -", 1966. Bertrand Lavier, "IFAFA IV", 2004. Tubes de néon et bois. 195 x 331,5 cm. © Adagp, Paris, 2017. Photo: C. Piérot/SEM.

Exhibition view : A.R. Penck, Georg Baselitz...

CONSIDÉRER LE MONDE - Exhibition view.
A.R. Penck, "Meeting", 1976. © Adagp, Paris, 2017. Georg Baselitz, "Elke VI", octobre 1976.© G. Baselitz ; Photo: C. Piérot/SEM.

Exhibitions 2018

MAY 26TH 2018 - SEPTEMBER 16TH 2018


This is the third exhibition the museum has devoted to the artist and the first of such importance. Specifically conceived for the MAMC’s 30th anniversary, it marks a turning point in the work of the artist with the presentation of works which are darker and more intimate, but still just as poetic and mysterious.

The works exhibited in central hall of the Museum all refer to the artist’s worried and anxious vision of the world. By revealing works which are very closely linked to features of his home town, Jean-Michel Othoniel raises questions about our presence in the face of global change. In an autobiographical journey his older and intimate works converse with his latest architectural and telluric creations. Placed at the four cardinal points of the central exhibition hall, the works interchange and enter into dialogue.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is the large panel of dark glass in the form of a wave, specifically designed for this space. The big wave, began in Sète in the summer of 2017, is transformed here into a wall of menacing black bricks, a cave or a cavern. Othoniel is paying homage to memories of the walls in his town, formerly blackened by coal dust. Physically confronted by this wave we experience a feeling of being consumed by darkness, engulfed in the reflections of the dark black matter. In the face of an apocalyptic reality of unleashed elements, this crashing swirling structure, 6 metres high and 15 metres long, takes on the presence of a tidal wave, and the colour of an oil slick.

Curator: Martine Dancer-Mourès, general curator in charge of 30th anniversary program.

MAY 19TH 2018 - SEPTEMBER 16TH 2018


On the occasion of its 30th anniversary the Museum hosts, for her first exhibition in Saint-Etienne, the artist photographer, Valérie Jouve, a native of the region.

Born in Firminy in 1964, Valérie Jouve is exhibiting for the first time in her native region.

Throughout the development of her work she has regularly returned to the Saint-Etienne region to discover, reveal and detect the evolution of our society: the so-called disappearance of class, the new white-collar elites, the denial of realities (such as the pastel colouring of urban facades in Saint-Etienne during the 1980’s, for example).

The images of Valérie Jouve, brought together in the exhibition, go beyond any description of reality. While she uses an essentially aesthetic documentary approach, it is always a question for her of restoring the capacity of the image to enrich our imagination, its aptitude to set it in motion, rather than simply the opportunity to see, to read or recognize the subject of the photograph.

The exhibition,”Formes de vies” will certainly refer to the past, with previously unpublished images, taken in Saint-Etienne, but will also prefigure her future work with more contemporary photographs taken in recent years. A montage conceived as an intimate conversation with her region. Her images have no identified origin nor specified places – another characteristic of her approach – and will question our time, our human societies, and our living beings. And, for the first time, certain more autobiographical images will come to divulge fleeting moments in her artistic progression. A prospective dimension will also be present with more recent images, signifying new orientations in her work.

Curator: Martine Dancer-Mourès, general curator in charge of 30th anniversary program.

MAY 19TH 2018 - SEPTEMBER 16TH 2018


The Saint-Etienne Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art presents an exhibition of its photographic collection, in collusion with that devoted to the works of Valérie Jouve. It displays sometimes previously unseen works offering views of cities and their inhabitants, over different periods and in different places, from London to Chicago, passing through Saint-Etienne and its region.

The exhibition proposes a close-up view of the anthropological and political concerns of certain artists. The public will discover views of poor neighbourhoods taken by Helen Lewitt in New York towards the end of the 1930’s. In 1953, Nigel Henderson focused on the working class areas of London’s East End. The exhibition reviews the montages and more political works of Wolf Vostell, the first German artist in his country who dared to depict references to the Third Reich and then to the Vietnam War. Eric Dietman, with the Viola Tricolor series, playfully diverts urban photographs from their original purpose.

The photographs depict the architectural developments at the end of the 20th century: from huge tower blocks to large complexes, from Saint-Etienne to Chicago and Canton. The exhibition presents the photographs of Günter Förg from la maison sans escalier (House without stairs), during his stay in Saint-Etienne during the 1980’s, or those of Louis Caterin. Ito Josué studied at first hand the constructions of the architect Gouyon, in the Beaulieu district. These new districts also fascinated Rajak Ohanian, who photographed the projects of Renaudie in Givors, and Laurent Gueneau, who chose to record the confrontation between town and nature in Canton.
The final section of the exhibition presents the works of Rajak Ohanian in Chicago.

Louis Caterin, Erik Dietman, Günther Förg, Jochen Gerz, Laurent Gueneau, Nigel Henderson, Ito Josué, Valérie Jouve, Helen Levitt, Rajak Ohanian et Wolf Vostell.

Curator: Martine Dancer-Mourès, general curator in charge of 30th anniversary program.

MAY 19TH 2018 - SEPTEMBER 16TH 2018


After "Narrative Art", a new focus, highlighting the collections of the MAMC+, proposed by the guest curator Alexandre Quoi, on a major artistic movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s, conceptual art.

With the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the events of May 1968 in France, the exhibition seeks to revisit a fascinating period calling into question artistic conventions, radically changing creation through to the present day. By emphasising the idea rather than the material form, the conceptual artists, heirs to Marcel Duchamp, challenged traditional rules of production and diffusion of artistic works, while developing new original processes.

The exhibition presents some sixty emblematic works produced by thirty artists, along with a collection of publications. The thematic circuit is organized around the four principle methods on which conceptualism based its in-depth investigation into the nature of art: language, seriality, identity and programme.

Eleanor Antin, Terry Atkinson, Michael Baldwin, Ian Burn, John Baldessari, Robert Barry, Bernd et Hilla Becher, Marcel Broodthaers, stanley brouwn, Alighiero Boetti, Victor Burgin, Hanne Darboven, VALIE EXPORT, Dan Graham, Douglas Huebler, Yves Klein, On Kawara, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, François Morellet, Olivier Mosset, Tania Mouraud, Bruce Nauman, Roman Opalka, Mel Ramsden, Ed Ruscha, Claude Rutault, Philippe Thomas, Niele Toroni, Bernar Venet.

Curator: Alexandre Quoi

NOVEMBER 11TH 2017 - APRIL 8TH 2018 AND MAY 19TH 2018 - SEPTEMBER 16TH 2018


On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Saint Étienne Métropole is shedding light on the diversity of its extensive and unique collection. This exhibition proposes a reading beyond chronologies and medium-based sections. The diversity and extent of the MAMC+ collections allow this plurality of dialogues between works of different time periods and techniques. The recreation of lineage and elective affinities organized in stem is likely to surprise, touch, intrigue, disturb and open the way to fruitful debate.

Our 30th anniversary exhibition will focus on the constantly renewed representations of the world by artists of various nationalities, whether through painting, sculpture, drawing, photography or design. When confronted to the most primal, cold or minimal narrative writing, to a focus on the sole power of the language of forms, materials and colors, to the fascination for technology or the return to primitivism, to the search for sublime or the absolute… we will all be left to wonder.

Curator: Martine Dancer-Mourès, general curator in charge of 30th anniversary program.

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